Snapcom FAQ’s & VoIP Answers


What is VoIP?

VoIP is the technology used for making phone calls over internet lines vs. phone lines. If you have bundled pricing for Internet, TV & phones at your house, then you are most likely already using VoIP. A well implemented VoIP system will look like a regular phone system, however, when it comes to the benefits & features, there is no comparison.

Is a VoIP system difficult to use?

Not at all. The phones work the same, dialing is the same, the sound quality is the same (or better) and you will be introduce to a world of features that are not available on your current phone system.

How does Snapcom provide all-inclusive service at a competitive price?

Usually that question is phrased as “What’s the catch”? There is no catch. We provide high quality phones for free and install them at no cost. We give you unlimited service, unlimited phone lines & unlimited local and long distance calling all for free. I know that really doesn’t answer the question. I guess the real question should be, why doesn’t everyone else do this?

Will your phone system expand as our business grows? Or will we need to upgrade the system?

It expands! If you are a smaller company with 2-5 phones and start to grow, we will grow with you. Even if you grow to 100+ phones! There is no additional equipment that you need either. We like to see our clients grow so we make it easy for them to grow!


What are the costs in getting setup?

Good question. In most cases, $0. Yes, that’s $0 for brand new phones & $0 for installation. And this isn’t the exception, it’s the rule. So, to answer your question, it is safe for you to assume that your costs in getting setup with us is going to be $0.

We have a lot of rules setup with our current phone system. Can we move them to Snapcom?

Of course! During the installation process, Snapcom maps out the rules of your current phone system & then implements them into our system. However, because of the flexibility and features available in our system, the final product will generally be much better than what you had.

Can I keep my existing phone numbers?

Yes, every number. Main numbers, rollover numbers, toll free number, fax lines, etc. Even if you have numbers in different area codes on different phone bills, we can move them to our system under one easy to read consolidated statement.

I have phone numbers with different area codes from previous business locations. Can I use those with Snapcom?

That’s the best part! If you moved across town or across the country and are paying extra money to forward your old numbers that you could not bring with you, we will port those numbers to our system which will save you money! When that phone number is called, we can ring any or all phones. It’s completely customizable.

What are my system requirements?

The phones do run over the internet, so you need to have internet at your office. Any other equipment is provided by us.

Who pays for my internet connection?

Excellent question! We use your internet connection when you make phone calls the same way that Microsoft uses your internet connection when you browse the internet. You will still continue to pay for your internet connection; however, if your internet provider is charging you for phone service too, that fee goes away.

How do I know what VoIP phone to use?

It’s not a decision that you will need to worry about. During our site survey, we will determine what phones will work best based on your needs. We try to keep things simple.


Are your contracts month to month?

Yes, they are month to month. There is no need for us to lock our clients into a contract when they have no reason to leave. If our service was unreliable, our product inferior & our customer service non-existent, we would definitely require contracts.

What is the cost to replace a broken phone?

Is this a trick question? Snapcom is all inclusive, so if a phone malfunctions or dies, we replace it for free.

What does fully maintained and managed really mean?

It means that when you are a client of ours, you do not pay for anything other than your fixed monthly fee. If a phone needs to be fixed, we fix it for free. If you need to make updates to your configurations, we update them for free. If you need a new phone, we bring it to you and install it at no charge. We want to make working with us easy. You have enough expenses and things to worry about with your business. We take your phones out of that equation.

What is the cost if we need an on-site service call?

We are all inclusive! So regardless of the reason why we need to be onsite, there is no charge.

What is the cost for additional training/support after we are live?

Our VoIP phone system is so easy to use that the training we provide when we first install your phones is generally all that is required. However, if you do have a need for additional training, we will come onsite at no charge and train you further.

What is the cost for configuration changes such as changing an extension or modifying the auto-attendant rules?

We are all inclusive which means any modifications or changes to any rules that you ask us to do is free. However, if you do require multiple changes month after month, wait, that’s free too, never mind.

How many lines do we get? Is there a call limit?

There is no limit on the number of concurrent inbound or outbound calls. If you have 10 phones, each phone can be receiving calls or making calls. Your clients will not get a busy signal and you will never have to wait for an available line.

Is my internet provider supported?

Yes. Our phone calls are made over your internet connection. Fortunately, internet is internet, so as long as you have internet, we can implement our system.

What happens if I lose Internet?

Unfortunately, because our phones run over the internet, if your internet goes down, then our phones stop working. Well, kind of. Because we are a hosted solution, clients can still call in, press buttons in the auto attendant, dial extensions and leave messages. Your messages will then be forwarded to your email where you can retrieve them on your smart phone. We can also forward all calls to a different phone number or cell phone number during an outage too. To sum things up, if your internet goes down, your customers shouldn’t know the difference.

Multiple Locations & Moving Locations

If our business moves to a new location, what are the costs of moving your phone system?

To move our phone system to a new location, you must do the following three steps:

  • Unplug your phones
  • Drive them to your new location
  • Plug them in at your new location

Our phones are plug and play. Once they find internet, they just start working.

I have multiple locations with various phone numbers spread out over multiple accounts. Can Snapcom move all of my numbers into one consolidated bill?

Yes. Many of our clients in this situation are paying a lot of money to forward phone numbers from areas where they used to be located. We port these numbers to our system and eliminated the cost of the forwarding. All calls then made to this number can ring any or all phones. You tell us what you want it to do & we will make it happen.

Can I transfer calls between my locations?

Yes! Your phone system is still one phone system even if it is spread out over multiple locations or home offices. When your business line is called, any phone that you choose will ring even if they are in different locations. Calling another extension & transferring calls can be done between locations too.


Do you have cordless phones?

Yes. We have VoIP cordless phones that work very well with our system. In addition, if you currently have a special cordless phone, such as one with an extended range, we can use that on our system too. We try to keep things easy.

I have a special long range cordless phone that I use with my business. Can I use this with Snapcom?

Yes, we have special adapters that allow us to use almost any cordless phone on our system.

We have an intercom system with speakers throughout our warehouse. Can we continue to use this with Snapcom?

Yes, we have special equipment that hooks into your existing intercom system that will allow you to continue to broadcast through it from our phones.

How does faxing work with Snapcom?

All inbound faxes will go to an email address that you provide us. From there, the fax can be emailed to someone else, printed or deleted. To send a fax, you simply attach a PDF or a Word file to an email and send it to a special email address containing the phone number of the fax machine that you are sending it to. Faxing is very easy through VoIP.


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