Phone System Auto-Attendant

If you are in the service industry & a customer calls in, it’s generally a good idea to have them speak with a live person. But that’s not always possible. What if you suddenly get 10 inbound calls at once? What if you are short staffed? What if it snows 3 feet overnight & no-one can get into the office? What about when your office is closed?

Auto-attendant has a lot of useful features. If no-one is able to answer a call within an appropriate amount of rings (or even within 0 rings), the call can be answered with your company greeting giving your customer all sorts of options. They can dial a person’s extension directly or press a number to be connected to sales, service or accounting.They could press another number to hear your office hours or find directions to your location. They can even go to a company directly where the can dial a person’s name to find their extension & be directly connected to them. Auto-Attendant is a personal preference. Whatever feature you’d like to implement, we will set it up for you at no charge. Also, if you decide to change it later, there’s no charge for that either. Even if you then decide to change it again, it’s free. There’s never a charge for customizations.

More Features

Put your phones in the Cloud

When your phones are in the cloud, your clients will never get a busy signal. If you lose power, internet or your phone lines are cut by local construction, your clients will always be able to call your business, listen to the company greeting and dial extensions, dial by directory and leave messages which you can easily access from your cell phone. Your phone system will remain active regardless of any situation at your office.

  • Hosted PBX
  • Auto-Receptionst
  • Multi-level IVR
  • Call Reporting
  • Music on Hold
  • Extensions
  • Dial by name directory
  • Call monitoring

Make calls the way you want to make calls

Changing to VoIP doesn’t require an IT degree or require that you re-learn how to make phone calls. VoIP phones work the same way as your current phone & in many cases much better. Navigating the features of your phones is intuitive & easy. The large LED display quickly tells you the status of any call and the HD audio gives you better clarity on each call.

  • Caller ID control
  • Desk Phones
  • Conference Phones
  • Cordless Phones
  • Conference Lines
  • Soft Phone
  • Analog Adapters
  • Desktop App

Call Management is in your hands

You can decide your clients experience when they call your company. Do you want to ring all phones or just certain phones when a client first calls? Do you want the call to go immediately to a company greeting giving your caller options of extensions or departments to reach? Would you like to give the option to press 1-9 giving them access to departments, store hours, etc. How do you want to handle calls once you receive them? Do you use an intercom, need to transfer calls or use call parking? Do you want your cell phone to ring when you aren’t in the office or access your messages directly from your cell phone. If you can think of it, we can implement it.

  • Answering rules
  • Call forwarding
  • Automatic call recordings
  • Call Park
  • Shared Lines
  • Intercom
  • Paging
  • Call Logs
  • Message alerts
  • Missed- call notifications

Voicemail & Greetings

Each phone comes with voicemail which can easily be configured by each user. Easily record and access your messages from your phone. Or better yet, gain a visual access of your voicemails through our online portal in addition to many other options that are available. Snapcom does it all!

  • Voicemail
  • Voicemail to email
  • Visual Voicemail
  • Greetings


Are you always on the go? Do you want to access your voicemails from your phone? Do you want your cell phone to ring when you are out of the office? Do you want to make calls from your cell phone but have it show from your office number? Do you want to easily view reports of all of your calls? It’s all included.

  • iPhone/Android App
  • Integrated Soft phone
  • Ring cell phones
  • Voicemail to email

Internet Faxing

Simplify your faxing by retiring your antiquated fax machine. All inbound faxes will come to your email address for fast access and quick distribution. Switching to eFax isn’t required for using our system, however, many client enjoy the benefits of this faxing technology.

  • eFax


Expand your capabilities with Snapcom’s powerful collaboration software. Organize meetings with your business associates and co-workers from the comfort of your office. Combined with file and screen sharing features this solution boosts productivity and saves significant amounts of your time and money.

  • Multiple conference rooms
  • File Sharing
  • Desktop Sharing
  • Instant Messaging
  • Full conferencing features

Call Center Features

Do you have a call center of 3-200 people answering phones? Do you need a visual way for your agents to track the phone queue? Do your supervisors need to monitor agents, calls & queue stats in real time? Snapcom’s Call Center gives you all of these features and more!

  • Agents
  • Supervisors
  • Queues management
  • Real time statistics


Expand your capabilities by integrating with many 3rd party software. Easily import all of your outlook contacts so that you can call any of them with a simple click of a mouse. Integrate with many powerful CRMs so that client records pop up instantly when they call your phone.

  • Software Companion
  • Outlook
  • Salesforce
  • SurgarCRM
  • Zoho
  • Zendesk
  • Custom Integrations available

Keep your phone number forever!

Your phone numbers are one of the most important aspects of your business. With Snapcom, we convert your numbers to our system which then become yours forever. Whether you move next door, across town or to another state, your clients will always be able to reach you using the same phone numbers they’ve always called. And as you grow & need more local numbers or toll free numbers, Snapcom can get you numbers in any area code that you choose whether your business resides there or not.

  • Local Numbers
  • Toll Free Numbers
  • Keep your number forever!


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