What our customers are saying:

SnapCom is First Class! Their attention to detail is second to none. SnapCom’s IT expertise is a great asset in understanding our operations well beyond communications. Stars Design Group continues to experience tremendous growth and SnapCom’s scalable phone system and service allows us to never miss a beat. Thank you SnapCom.

Gerry Leonard, CEO Stars Design Group

With 40 plus locations, managing the phone bill was a difficult task. We paid a different amount at each location & the costs seemed to vary each month. Snapcom took over our phone system, consolidated the billing & saved us a lot of money.

Kelly Weiss, Lookafter Hair Company

We hired SnapCom when our previous phone system went down; we were in a real bind! SnapCom quickly installed new phones, minimizing any phone service disruptions. We are delighted with SnapCom’s all-inclusive phone services. We LOVE the features their phones provide. SnapCom brought us into the new “world”!

Chamber of Commerce

Our previous (large) phone company provided terrible customer service! Worse yet, every month our bill would increase and I would spend hours getting it straightened out. They could not take care of the billing and service problems we were experiencing; I would dread the battle every month. Our facility is over 100 years old and has had numerous renovations. SnapCom took responsibility in designing, installing, maintaining and adapting a 21st century system tailored for us. Manor Grove pays less now than what our phone bill use to be AND technicians even come on site at no extra charge. We thought we were going to need to spend thousands on updating our phones but SnapCom handled it all for no money out of pocket.

Jen M, Retirement Community

SnapCom implemented a phone system to meet our specific needs. They tied our 3 locations phone service together providing back up to each other during busy times. SnapComworked with our internet provider to resolve lingering issues; it’s been a big improvement.

Not only can we better serve our customers, SnapCom provides everything, complete including new phones, for less money than what our monthly phone service used to be.

We are a LOCAL business and appreciate LOCAL service.

Kitchen Appliances

I have been using Snapcom’s cloud based phone service for a few years and have been very happy consumer. My original provider notified me that they could not service my location any longer and recommended SnapCom. The transition was very easy. SnapCom analyzed our system and configured options we did not even know were available.

I do recommend cloud based phones and STRONGLY recommend SnapCom…they know their stuff and make everything easy!

Heating & Cooling

Hind sight is definitely 20/20! SnapCom has done everything they promised and more. Before SnapCom we were living a phone service nightmare; we had bad internet pointing the finger at bad phone service! SnapCom came in and solved our problems.They used the right tactics to get our internet provider straightened out. They solved our bad phones issue with new phones. The system keeps us in touch with our outside sales people making everyone connected and happy. NO more missed calls… No more missed business…Thank you Snapcom!

Lawn Company

Am I happy with SnapCom phone service? ABSOLUTELY! Would I recommend SnapCom to a friend? ABSOLUTELY!!

Insurance Company


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