Why Snapcom?

Is it time for a technology upgrade?

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are your phones getting old where finding replacements is difficult?
  • Are you paying additional fees for long distance service?
  • Do you still not have Caller ID?
  • Would you like to utilize Auto-Attendant?
  • Does your business have multiple locations?
  • Do you have employees that work from home?
  • Are you planning on moving your business within the next year?
  • Do you want to accept calls using your cell phone when you are away from the office?
  • Would you like to access your voicemail from your smart phone?
  • Would you like to be able to keep your business number forever?
  • Do you want an easy to read, monthly fixed bill?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then it’s time to look at SnapCom Voice over IP (VoIP) for your phones & phone service. And why should you choose SnapCom? Because…

SnapCom does it all!

No need to pay multiple vendors to support your phones & service.

We provide you with brand new Gigabit phones and install them using our professional local installers. We take over your phone service giving you unlimited Local & Long distance calling. Need more lines? Not with SnapCom since our phones come with unlimited lines. Need a configuration change, no problem & no charge. If we have to schedule a site visit to replace a phone or fix a problem, that’s free too.

  • Brand new Gigabit phones
  • Professional installation
  • Unlimited Training
  • Free Maintenance & Support
  • Unlimited nationwide calling (US & Canada)
  • Unlimited changes such as extensions, greetings, Auto Attendant, etc.
  • Transferring your phone numbers
  • Click here for more, much much more.

What is VoIP?

Believe it or not, you may already be using VoIP

If you have a bundled internet & phone package at home, you are most likely using VoIP. If you are paying your local internet company for your phone service at your office, you guessed it, you are probably using VoIP. A well implemented VoIP system should just be a phone system to you. Knowing how the calls are routed really isn’t important. What’s important is that your phone system is easy to use, easy to manage and has all of the features of your current phone system plus much more.

What do you need your phone system to do?

If you can think of it, we can implement it

VoIP is the answer for the next generation of business phone systems and service. Almost anything imaginable in a phone system can be implemented using VoIP. Click here for features.

Sounds Expensive?

It’s not. You will get more for less!

How is this possible? Well, we start by giving you all brand new Gigabit Business class phones and throw in free installation. That’s right, phones & installation for $0 out of pocket. We then add our premiere phone service which includes free long distance calling in the US & Canada, unlimited phone lines & any feature available to a fortune 500 company phone system that you need to help better run your business.

You will pay one small monthly price for all of this. In most cases less than what you are currently paying your current phone provider such as AT&T.

Here’s where the savings pile up. You can then cancel your phone bill with AT&T or whoever provides your phone service, cancel any long distance program, lower your toll free number charges & and cancel any service contracts you are paying for managing your phones.

Is there a catch?

Absolutely not.

You are welcome to view our customers’ testimonials and ask for referrals.

With SnapCom, one call does it all!

Why wait?

Contact us today to answer any questions. Tell us what your phone system needs to do and we will provide you with an easy to understand no pressure quote.